Indonesian Journal of English Teaching (IJET) is an education journal for English language teachers, lecturers, university professors, and others who work with schools-aged or university students, teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL), English as a Second Language (ESL), English for Specific Purposes, or English for Academic Purposes.

Indonesian Journal of English Teaching (IJET) is a peer-reviewed academic journal published biannually by Department of English Teacher Education, State Islamic University of Sunan Ampel Surabaya. The journal is committed to ensuring that each issue contains a blend of voices, including public and private school educators from elementary, middle, high school, madrasah, and university perspectives.

Indonesian Journal of English Teaching (IJET) seeks richly described interpretive accounts of:

  1. English Education and Teaching in schools, madrasah, and higher education
  2. Problems faced by Teachers and Lecturers in Teaching English language subjects in schools, madrasahs, universities, or pesantrens (Islamic Boarding Houses)
  3. Innovations in Teaching English language subjects in schools, universities, or pesantrens
  4. Thoughts on English Education (research, conceptual ideas, library research, or practical experiences)

Articles should be written based on the Submission Requirements and Guidelines (attached) and can be sent via IJET’s website: (registration is required using a personal email address) or email to

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Vol 6, No 1 (2017): July

Table of Contents


The Grammatical Accuracy, Cohesion and Coherence of Thai Students’ English Writing at Darawithaya School, Narathiwat – Thailand PDF
Ruqoyyah Amilia Andania 1-25
Comparative Evaluation of Speaking and Writing Skills in Project Level 1 (4th Edition) and Achievers A1+ PDF
Lee Sun Min, Flora Debora Floris 26-48
The Effect of A Process Approach Using Report Writing Frame on Students’ Writing Achievement PDF
Khoiriyatul Hariro 49-64
Communicative Activities Based on Competence Standard of 2013 Curriculum PDF
Yusna Affandi 81-88
Twitter for Educational Activities in Islamic Higher Education, Why Not? PDF
Rully Agung Yudhiantara 89-101
Parents’ Involvement in Children’s English Language Learning PDF
Sri Surya Dewi 102-122
Lessons from Best Practices for English Language Educational Reform in Thailand PDF
Tanes Liengleam, Amporn Sa-ngiamwibool 123-136
Revisiting English As A Global Language PDF
Silfia Asningtias 137-148
Reflection of Teacher’s Interpersonal Skill: Describing The Quality of An Effective Teacher PDF
Hastowohadi Hastowohadi 149-156


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